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About Prakruti Mitra

We Empowering Farmers.

Prakruti Mitra dedicated to Empowering smallholders farmers for a brighter future. We helps farmers  in Organic Farming Training, Hi-Tech Greenhouse Farming, FPO Formation, Processing & Branding of Farm Produce and encourage people for organic food consumption.

Develop your full potential as a future farmer
Empowering small farmers for a brighter future
Why Prakruti Mitra

We’re Campaigning for Farmers' rights

What We Are? What We Do?
We are a dedicated group that wants to help farmers work together and become stronger. Our main goal is to understand and solve the problems that farmers face while also finding ways for them to earn more money.
  • Trusted Agriculture Projects Agency
  • Professional Team & Agri Supervisor Network
  • Helping small farmers for a brighter future.
  • We are community of over 11000 farmers
  • Learn about new ways to increase farmers income
Help farmers from basic knowledge to latest farming technologies to make their farming better. We offer training in natural farming, help them get certificates for being organic, help them sell what they grow, and even help them start their own farming businesses.
  • We guide them on State and Central Government Scheme
  • Help farmers come together in form of FPC/FPO.
  • Provide Hi-Tech Farming Solution for Protected Farming
  • Branding and marketing to selling farm products in markets
  • We are one-stop-shop for everything farmers need to get started
Campaigning for Framers
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Adopt natural farming with us and join family of 11K farmers.
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We work closely with over 1 lac farmers, and our wish to bring all of them together and create a well-organized farming community. Discover our work and activities below


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Acers, Protected Farming in Gujarat

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