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About Prakruit Mitra

Unity and Cooperation of Farmers

We actively engage with farming communities, learning about their challenges and offering sustainable solutions. Our goal is to foster unity among farmers and work collectively to enhance their farming practices and overall quality of life.

Partnering with NGOs, Societies, & Government entities
Large Network of Farmers & Professionals
Hi-Tech Open Field & Protected Farming Solutions
Large Network

Our Mission

At Prakruti Mitra, we are dedicated to driving practical solutions in the realm of organic agriculture. Our core mission is to empower farmers and establish a sustainable agricultural community. Together, let's cultivate a future that aligns with nature's principles, benefiting not only farmers but also consumers.

Our Vision

Building a future that benefits farmers, food consumers and our planet. We aspire to be a driving force in building a sustainable and robust food system where farmers prosper, consumers enjoy nutritious produce, and the agricultural sector plays a central role in addressing pressing global environmental issues.

Plan & Goals

* Enhance farmer income and well-being through training and technology support. * Promote eco-friendly farming practices. * Ensure a reliable food supply chain. * Address food security and sustainability issues. * Collaborate with diverse stakeholders. * Strengthen farming communities. * Stay updated.
Campaigning the Global
Engaged with over 100,000 farmers

Campioning the Global Farmer's Rights Movement

We are proud to be actively engaged with over 100,000 farmers, working tirelessly to unite and organize the entire farming community. “Prakruti Mitra” is to lead the way as a prominent agricultural collaborations in India. We are committed to delivering outstanding, sustainable, and meticulously researched solutions to the agricultural industry.


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